Calibration Gases

Chemical Marine Inspections, in cooperation with CalGaz International LLC, offers a wide range of Calibration Gases to customers. All the Calibration Gases are traceable to international standards and accompanied by an analysis certificate. They are offering the best quality with the longest possible shelf life.

We also offer the required equipment for handling the gas (regulator valves) and the equipment for safe disposal of the empty cylinders (recycling tools).

The Calibration Gases and handling equipment can be dispatched to your nominated forwarder in a short notice.

The table summarizes the technical characteristics of the Calibration Gas Cylinders we are using. Please follow the links for more details…..

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MaterialPressureGas Content (Liters)DimensionsMixturesRegulator Compatibilitty
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12DAAluminum160 psig/11 bar119.8" x 3" / 250 mm x 78 mmLimited
2ALAluminum500 psig/35.5 bar3411.375" x 3" / 289 mm x 76mmReactive, Non-Reactive715, DFR 2001, DFR 2004
7HPSteel494 psig/34 bar3411" x 3" / 279 mm x 76 mmNon-Reactive713, DFR 2007
6DMSteel1000 psig/ 69 bar583.26" x 8.09" / 83 mm x 204 mmNon-Reactive715, DFR 2001
8ALAluminum500 psig/34.5 bar5814.25" x 3.5" / 362 mm x 89 mmReactive, Non-Reactive715, DFR 2001, DFR 2004
6DSteel1000 psig/69 bar10313.875" x 3.25" / 352 mm x 83 mmNon-Reactive715, DFR 2001,DFR 2004
10ALAluminum1000 psig/69 bar11615" x 3.5" / 381 mm x 89 mmReactive, Non-Reactive715,DFR 2001, DFR 2004